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Embedded Pipe Inspection, Testing, Maintenance, and Repair Services | California

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) awarded two separate three year contracts to DPSI for inspection, testing and repair of embedded piping systems. The two contracts cover the entire State Water Project from Oroville to Perris CA.

The Department of Water Resources has 29 hydroelectric power and pumping plants and numerous support facilities up and down the aqueduct (State Water Project). As the General Contractor, our work includes NDT inspection, repair plan development and engineering, as well as bid solicitation and management of specialty subcontractors to conduct necessary repairs.

The DWR is upgrading fire safety systems at several pumping and power generation facilities along the State Water Project. In advance of these upgrades, DPSI’s Mechanical Integrity and Survey Divisions teamed up to locate and map critical underground infrastructure. Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and other line locating equipment, we identified potable water, fire water and sewer pipelines, communications cables, storm drains and electrical wiring.

We subsequently provided detailed topographic maps of the facilities for use in upcoming facility upgrades. Work was conducted at four facilities including San Luis Reservoir O&M Center, Gianelli Pumping-Generating Plant, Dos Amigos Pumping Plant, and Coalinga O&M Center.

In preparation for coring through concrete walls and floors, DPSI provided rebar locating investigations at these facilities. A GSSI 1600 MHz high resolution concrete antenna looked up to 18” into concrete in order to mark-out locations of rebar, post-tensioned cables, conduits, voids, shallow pipe and other features embedded in walls, floors, and ceilings.

DPSI also provided drain cleaning, remote video inspection (RVI) and debris removal from the concrete sump at the Gianelli Pump-Generating Plant. Hydroblasting was used to successfully clear mineralized deposits from drain lines that hadn’t been cleaned since initial construction in the 1970’s. Lines were returned to 90% or more of their original internal diameter, as verified by RVI.

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