Diversified Project Services International is investing in the future. The ever-changing nature of technology within our industry demands the highest quality equipment to produce the best possible results. DPSI is introducing its fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s (UAVs), also known as drones, to be used by all of our divisions in a multitude of markets including: power, oil and gas production and refining, solar, residential, and more. This extension of technology allows for a more safe, cost-effective and advanced way of doing business. DPSI clients are already enjoying the benefits of drone capabilities on various projects across multiple industries.

Along with a growing team of FAA Licensed drone operators, DPSI has recently acquired a night waiver enabling us to capture imagery normally obstructed or skewed during daytime. This waiver opens a wealth of possibilities for any new or current client to aid in the convenience of their requested service. To learn more about the UAV services DPSI offers please click here.