Diversified Project Services International (DPSI)’s Mechanical Integrity Division has a wide range of services available. One of the services we take pride in offering is Phased Array (PAUT).

Some of the industries that are best served by phased array technology are; oil and gas pipelines, storage tank facilities, fabrication, water facilities, power plants, railroad, and structural.

High-resolution discontinuities and ultrasonic thickness mapping of complex shapes with changing geometries, such as elbows, is very challenging. To address such applications, a variety of phased array probes and scanners can be used to access restricted areas.

Some advantages of Phased Array or PAUT, are the following:

  • Quicker set up, test cycles, and reporting
  • Digital record that is easily accessible with the ability to share data via email
  • No radioactive source or additional safety hazard involved
  • Ability to test in-service/product filled assets
  • Non-intrusive
  • Does not affect plant equipment such as sensors and level indicators
  • Ability to size multiple planes
  • Better accuracy for flaw location
  • Better sensitivity to planar flaws which are more detrimental to the part
  • No barricades or removal of personnel during inspection
  • Ability to focus at different depths electronically
  • Complete weld coverage inspections
  • Code Accepted

The non-intrusive capabilities of this scanning technology can be quite an asset during a down production tie-in or shutdown scenario by saving very valuable time. A qualified Phased Array technician possesses the ability to analyze data real-time to provide a pass/fail result within minutes of the scan being completed.