Bakersfield, California

Rolland Van De Valk is an experienced Professional Land Surveyor. He has worked in the land surveyor profession since 1987 and is currently a Senior Land Surveyor at DPSI. Rolland served as elected President of the California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA) in 2014 and is currently serving as Immediate Past President. Rolland has been a CLSA member since 2002 and has held all of the Bakersfield Chapter offices as well as served as the Chapter’s Director for 4 years before accepting the nomination to serve CLSA at the State level. Rolland and the Survey Division provide property survey, land subdivision, planning, construction layout, topographic mapping, aerial photomapping, 3D-laser scanning and modeling, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, flood elevations certifications, and expert witness services locally as well as throughout the state.

Unanimously passed by the Senate, Senator Andy Vidak designated March 16-22, 2014 as National Surveyor’s Week to honor all professional surveyors. “The work of surveyors is essential and wherever there are roads, dams or bridges to be built,” said Vidak.  “Former notable surveyors include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Henry David Thoreau.