Conceptual drawing of Spanos Stadium at Cal Poly with new artificial turf. On the left, the end zone reads "Cal Poly," and on the right, the end zone reads "Mustangs." In the center of the field is the school's CP logo.

DPSI is assisting Cal Poly in converting the Spanos Stadium field from natural to artificial turf. DPSI provided the initial topographic survey for this task, and our Civil Engineering Department submitted grading plans for the field upgrades, which are approved. We recently started on construction staking efforts to help this project meet its deadline of June 2022.

In addition to the Spanos Stadium field, the Cal Poly Sports Complex – a versatile outdoor space featuring fields and courts for recreational sports and club activities – will also have its natural grass replaced with artificial turf later this year. DPSI will provide both topographic surveying and grading plans for this project as well.

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