Embedded Pipe Inspection, Testing, Maintenance, and Repair Services

Project Details

Embedded Pipe Inspection, Testing, Maintenance, and Repair Services | California

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) awarded two multi-year contracts to DPSI to perform Mechanical Integrity Inspections , Engineering  and Construction Management  services for the entire State Water Project. The State Water Project includes more than 20 pumping stations, 130 hydroelectric plants, and over 100 dams and flow-control structures. The California Aqueduct is the world’s largest water-conveyance system running over 440 miles.

DPSI currently has multiple active projects with the DWR. Our latest involves pipeline inspections of irrigation lines crossing under the California Aqueduct. The DWR chose to perform preventative piping inspections to ensure continued pipeline integrity and address any concerns.   

DPSI locates, excavates, performs energy control and opens the pipelines in order to gain access to inspect under the California Aqueduct. Once opened and cleaned, DPSI performs Remote Video Inspections (RVIs) of the pipelines using motorized crawlers and other equipment to inspect the lines directly under the Aqueduct.

DPSI chose to utilize motorized crawlers to remove the need for accessing confined and potentially dangerous spaces. By utilizing this remote access technology, DPSI can thoroughly investigate any repairs that need to take place while maintaining the highest level of safety on site.

DPSI’s multi-disciplinary team is also designing and installing a crossover-piping loop between two 12 ft. diameter pipelines. This project is located in the Tehachapi Mountains in Kern County where these lines lift aqueduct water 1,926 feet vertically via the most powerful lifting system in the world. DPSI is providing the project management, design, installation, inspection, testing and safety oversite. Our Mechanical Integrity and Mechanical Engineering divisions are working closely together to successfully complete this large-scale project.