ERG Development Plan

Project Details

ERG Development Plan | Santa Maria, CA

ERG Resources, LLC (ERG) required assistance to generate their Production Plan Application. DPSI provided conceptual engineering, design and equipment descriptions for the existing facility upgrades/additions in order to serve the new 200+/- well expansion within the multiple leases in the Cat Canyon Field. The design included layout and grading of well locations/pads and the pipe corridor trunk lines to interconnect the wells to the facilities.

DPSI’s ongoing scope of work includes:

  • Performed As-built Field and Facility Exhibits of the Cat Canyon Field and the various facilities throughout the 5,400 acre area
  • Located the approximate alignment of the produced water, oil and gas gathering lines for the Cat Canyon Field.
  • Created alignment drawings using existing Ortho photos to identify and follow the existing lines
  • Verified the location of the gathering lines using field surveys in areas with heavy tree canopies and other obstructions
  • Provided preliminary grading plans showing the limits of grading, design contours, and approximate earthwork quantities
  • Provided preliminary exhibits for pipe corridor extensions and equipment additions to both the existing and proposed facilities
  • Provided engineering and permitting support for the design of a new DOT natural gas line