Kern County Roads Survey Services

Project Details

Kern County Roads Survey Services | Kern County, CA

After our first three-year contract expired, Kern County Roads Department awarded DPSI a new five year contract to provide the County with surveying services.

The Kern County Roads Department designs, constructs, and maintains the county’s road facilities. They issue transportation and encroachment permits for county roadways, respond to road-related complaints from the public, and administer the county’s rural public transit system. The County hired DPSI to provide engineering and surveying services for various upcoming road projects.

DPSI’s scope of work includes:

  • Perform detailed topographic survey as necessary for planning and design
  • Perform various types of surveying tasks on all types of construction projects
  • Perform quality assurance work
  • Locate and/or establish property and easement boundaries and prepare records of surveys
  • Establish benchmarks and control points
  • Right-of-way acquisition and construction easement surveys, prepare plats and legal descriptions, and right-of-way and easement staking
  • Perform traffic analysis, and analyze traffic counts and accident data
  • Prepare intersection design studies
  • Soil/pavement investigations as necessary to determine road structural design
  • Prepare detailed plans and specifications
  • Prepare contract proposal and all necessary bidding documents
  • Prepare engineer’s construction cost estimate
  • Prepare estimate of time
  • Overall project coordination and attend meetings
  • Obtain environmental, biological, cultural and all other necessary permits or sign-offs
  • Adherence to all applicable codes and regulations