Meadows Field Runway Rehab and Taxiway Design

Project Details

Meadows Field Runway Rehab and Taxiway Design | Bakersfield

DPSI joined the Mead & Hunt team to analyze, design, and engineer airport projects for the County of Kern for the next five years. DPSI handled the surveying needs for each project. The initial project was the runway and related taxiway rehabilitation at Meadows Field Airport in Bakersfield. DPSI provided surveying, construction and aerial photomapping survey control, topographic surveying, aerial photomapping and imagery. As a subcontractor, DPSI retained Central Coast Photomapping and Keystone Aerial Mapping Services to provide photogrammetry and Key-3D imagery technology. Key-3D technology utilizes three dimensional aerial photography which produces a surface model that is more horizontally and vertically accurate than the latest LiDAR surveying technologies.

DPSI’s scope of work includes:

  • Obtain security clearance for all DPSI personnel that will be working on the airport site
  • Perform a control survey to establish the project control on NAD83/NAVD88 State Plan Coordinate System
  • Establish on-site survey control points
  • Perform a field survey to gather certain topographic features and facilities that are not easily or accurately ascertainable through LiDAR or aerial survey methods
  • Locate soil boring locations as required
  • Fly using digital camera with IMU and Airborne GPS with CORS stations plus ground control
  • Utilize KEY-3D data processing to create high resolution terrain point cloud
  • Utilize planimetric data integration using stereo images, breaklines, flow lines, grade breaks, triangulation, ground survey data, contour generation, and editing
  • Perform a Terrestrial LiDAR survey to gather existing site conditions
  • Process scanning data and survey calculations