Mechanical Integrity Inspection Program

Project Details

Mechanical Integrity Inspection Program | Tupman, CA

Crestwood West Coast (formerly Inergy Services) provides a wide range of services for producers and consumers of hydrocarbons including the gathering, treating, storage and transportation of natural gas and crude oil. Crestwood retained DPSI to develop and maintain a full service Mechanical Integrity Program for their piping and pressure vessels.

Our Inspectors also performed an external robotic ultrasonic inspection on the shell of four spherical vessels to ensure the integrity of those vessels which contain over 1.5 million gallons of butane each. These vessels can be extremely difficult to inspect due to their shape. DPSI used a Jireh Magnetic Robotic Crawler to perform the work. The robotic crawler is a remote operated vehicle that uses rare earth magnets to climb vertical surfaces. DPSI also performed an ultrasonic thickness survey of a Deisobutanizer Column, using a 250 foot crane to perform the inspection due to the extreme height of the tower

DPSI’s scope of work included:

  • Internal and External pressure vessel inspections per API 510, 570 and 653 standards
  • Supplied ANST Certified inspection crews to complete API 510 External Robotic Ultrasonic testing inspections on spherical shaped vessels
  • Provided quality assurance for piping replacement
  • Implementation and management of Inspection Database Management System (IDMS)