Midway Sanitation CNG Fast Fueling Station

Project Details

Midway Sanitation CNG Fast Fueling Station | Westminster, CA

Midway City Sanitation District converted their truck fleet from diesel to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), requiring a fueling station to accommodate the new fleet. DPSI was hired as the prime contractor to construct the new fueling facility, refurbish the maintenance buildings and shops, upgrade the facility electrical system and install a new 1 megawatt emergency generator that will power the facility when needed.

DPSI’s scope of work includes:

CNG Station Construction

  • Civil construction and installation of CNG station components including compressor, dryer, storage vessel, electrical switchgear, time-fill dispensers, fast-fill dispenser, and generator
  • Connection of facility to Southern California Gas Company (SCGC) natural gas supply line
  • Coordinate equipment setting and installation of SCGC Meter Set Assembly
  • Electrical, instrumentation and controls installation for CNG station
  • Conduct system performance testing and validate the entire system meets all specifications

Facility Buildings CNG Upgrade

  • Combine five existing electrical services into single service
  • Upgrade existing repair garage to code compliant CNG vehicle maintenance facility
  • Upgrade existing parking garage and truck wash to code compliant CNG vehicle storage facility

Garage Remodel

  • Renovate and expand existing restroom and demolish existing paint booth
  • Upsize electrical panel
  • Installation of exhaust fans, HVAC unit, exterior access ladder, and gas detection system
  • Remove existing exit door and replace with new code compliant door and related hardware
  • Remove existing windows at office and lunch room and in-fill with new wall
  • Retrofit 3 existing doors with new louvers, patch and repaint doors as required

Parking Area Grind and Cap

  • Grind existing asphalt and cap parking area