Navy Facility Coating Inspection

Project Details

Navy Facility Coating Inspection | US

DPSI partnered with another contractor to apply and inspect coatings at a US Navy facility. Over 250,000 square feet of concrete was coated and inspected inside two fighter jet hangars. DPSI ensured the coating contractor applied epoxy, aggregate (non-skid) and urethane coatings per Navy and NACE Specifications.

Moisture testing was performed prior to surface preparation (per ASTM-F 1869) to ensure the concrete had limited moisture. The hangar floor was prepared using hand and power tools. After performing a water break test for surface contamination and cleanliness, a concrete surface profile visual standard was used to determine whether the concrete was ready for coating application per the Navy Specification.

DPSI attended weekly meetings with the Navy for safety, performance, quality updates, as well as technical questions and advice.

DPSI’s scope of work included:

  • Consulting
  • Coating Inspection