Platform Eureka Return to Production (RTP)

Project Details

Platform Eureka Return to Production (RTP) | Long Beach, CA

When idled in 1999 due to leaks in the subsea shipping pipeline, Platform Eureka was producing 4,400 B.O.P.D. Beta was purchased by Pacific Energy Resources, Ltd. in 2007. The new operators decided to quickly and safely return the platform to producing status. Work started in December 2007 and the platform was returned to production in April 2008.

DPSI’s scope of work included:

  • Management of everything necessary to return an offshore oil-producing platform to   production after sitting idle in the Pacific Ocean for nearly nine years
  • Development of the AFEs for approximately twenty-five separate projects with a total budget of over ten million dollars
  • Development and submittal of required permit documentation to the Federal   Government, and shepherding of permits through to approval
  • Process Hazard Analyses
  • Non-destructive examination of piping and vessels to determine fitness for service
  • On-site supervision of up to 150 contractors on three platforms
  • Development and tracking of project budgets and schedule
  • Management of all quality control and fitness for service documentation
  • Coordination of start-up and testing activities