Public Works Engineering Services

Project Details

Public Works Engineering Services | Atascadero, CA

The City of Atascadero Public Works Department provides a wide variety of services to the residents of and visitors of Atascadero. Atascadero’s Public Works Department has hired DPSI to provide ongoing engineering and surveying services.

DPSI’s scope of work includes:

  • Review development applications and plans on behalf of the City for conformance with the  Municipal Code and published City Engineering Standards and Specifications
  • Conduct site investigations associated with development applications and plans
  • Prepare project corrections, comments and conditions of approval
  • Prepare technical sections of staff reports for public hearings
  • Attend development review meetings and provide technical support at meetings and public hearings
  • Provide technical review of development plans for compliance with local, state and federal regulations as well as conformance to City standards, specifications and adopted policies
  • Provide inspection of public improvements on behalf of the City
  • Review and approval of recommendations for public improvement plans
  • Oversee the Encroachment Permit program and issuance of Encroachment Permits
  • Provide general civil engineering consultation for City projects, development review processes, infrastructure master planning, City Engineering Standards, City Municipal Code updates
  • Represent the Public Works Department on new development projects and provide coordination with the Community Development and Building Departments for project reviews, approvals, inspections and final project approvals
  • Assist the Public Works Department with stormwater management planning and compliance with state regulations
  • Sign survey documents on behalf of the City as Professional Land Surveyor or Record