S & S Homes, Tract Maps 7243, 7267 & 6137

Project Details

S & S Homes, Tract Maps 7243, 7267 & 6137 | Bakersfield, CA

S & S Homes of the Central Coast, Inc. hired DPSI to provide design and permitting services for two tentative tract maps located in the Bakersfield area. Tract 7243 and Tract 7267 will feature single family, affordable tract housing and semi-custom homes of various sizes. Tract 7243 will feature a 70 lot development, while Tract 7267 will have a total of 109 lots. Additionally, DPSI is helping to take Tract 6137, which was designed and approved several years ago, out of its current dormant status. DPSI’s scope of work for Tract 6137 includes project scheduling management, coordination with the public agencies for changes to project phases, and any re-design required to bring the project up to date with current standards.

DPSI’s ongoing scope of work includes:

Tract 7243 and 7267

  • Perform boundary and topographic surveys

  • Prepare master plans and vesting tentative tract maps

  • Design of improvement plans including street, sewer, storm drain, grading and dry utilities

  • Permitting management services to the required agencies

  • Preparation of engineer’s estimates per the City of Bakersfield’s requirements for submittal

  • Provide landscape planting and irrigation plans, and details for streetscaping

  • Process any traffic impact fees through the City of Bakersfield

  • Perform QSP/QSD services and Storm Water Prevention Pollution Plan (SWPPP) documentation

  • Provide  erosion and dust control plans, habitat conservation plans, and incidental take permits for submittal to the required agencies

  • Prepare final tract maps