San Jose Gasification Demonstration

Project Details

San Jose Gasification Demonstration | San Jose, CA

Zero Waste Energy, an industry-leading company that designs, builds, and operates integrated solid waste facilities, awarded DPSI a contract to provide engineering support for a new “waste to energy” gassifier project for the City of San Jose. This demonstration project is intended to prove the technology, and will help San Jose meet their stated goal of becoming a zero net landfill city.

DPSI’s scope of work includes:

  • Development of design drawings for civil and structural foundations and electrical and mechanical service connections
  • Attend meetings at the San Jose/Santa Clara Waste Water Treatment Plant and prepare and distribute meeting minutes
  • Evaluate existing conditions at the proposed project site
  • Collection and review all available information such as records, maps, aerials, surveys, plans, record drawings, soil investigation reports, building codes and standards
  • Determine whether geotechnical soil bearings are required to complete engineering design layouts
  • Preparation of a preliminary design report
  • Preparation of construction drawings that meet all requirements for construction and comply with the current requirements of the Santa Clara County Building Codes